A New Spirit of Tenacity for this Untrodden 2019

I’ve never been much of one for New Year’s resolutions. Whenever I’ve wanted to start a new habit, set some difficult goals, or rein in some unhealthy impulses, I would begin when the inspiration arose. Why wait until the new … Continue reading

Thirty Years Later, I Still Miss You, Dad!

My daughters never had a chance to meet their maternal grandfather. He died thirty years ago, early in the morning on New Year’s Eve Day. He was a smoker all of his adult life, trying unsuccessfully to quit many times, … Continue reading

Crooning With the King


Just last week I was inspired to write an article about the feelings of loss I have been  sorting through (literally and figuratively) this Advent season. I refer to a “blue, blue” Christmas, although I am not “cryin’ all the time” (hence the title, “Crooning With the King”). I sent the article to mindspirit.com, who recently published my first paying piece. I knew that this was a timely essay, and took a chance that the managing editor might like it enough to squeeze it in this week, and he did….TODAY!!!!! Please send lots of traffic to the web site on my behalf, and after you read my article, click on a few more. It really is an AWESOME resource!


A Wallowing While

A season of change can be difficult, and sometimes, seemingly downright insurmountable. Take the whole empty nest upheaval. I’ve been in that stage of transition for over ten years now, and I’m struggling more now than ever before.  It began … Continue reading

Maniacal Minnesotans

It was unseasonably cold in Minneapolis the past couple of weeks, and I, unfortunately, was there to experience it. I arrived in that frozen land of practically perpetual flurries on the 14th of November, and was welcomed at the airport … Continue reading

Preposterous Sleep Paraphernalia

Mimi’s packing her bags again, heading north to celebrate the first birthday of the youngest granddaughter. My packing list forces me to face the hard reality of the approaching “60’s”. I’ve got a little over a year to go before … Continue reading

Genuine Journalist Jinx

Up until lately, my gift of writing has been employed for various group newsletters, letters to politicians, badge writing for the American Heritage Girls organization, lengthy emails to friends, and hobby blogging. Now, seemingly, in the blink of an eye, … Continue reading