About my blog: This blog is named after an “entrée” I used to prepare often for my elderly grandmother, who lived with us as I was growing up. It was a Depression-era survival meal of coffee, cream, sugar, and crunched-up crackers. My grandma Casey had learned to love it, and I ended up liking it, too. (When I think of it now, I get a little nauseous!) At the time, it was a strange, but somehow oddly tasty and filling meal. I think that’s what you’ll find here on my blog site…an odd but filling mix of all sorts of stories, insights, and shared wisdom from my life. Sometimes you’ll laugh, sometimes you’ll cry, and sometimes, you might just say to yourself, “What the heck?!” But you’ll always come back for more, and find it mysteriously addicting.

About me: I’m a wife, mom, traveling grandma, retired homeschool teacher, breast cancer survivor (9 years, so far!), now working as an in-home caregiver for the elderly and/or handicapped, lover of life & funny girl, who grew up in a small, rural town in Ohio, rode horses, narrowly avoided arrest, went off to photography school, met a cute Cincinnati Catholic guy, moved to Cincy, got married, converted to Catholicism, made new friends, had three daughters who enriched my life more than I could have ever imagined, and here I am, an (almost) empty-nester grandma, with lots of life experience and stories to tell, so get off of the “About” page NOW and read my blog, you nosy hound!


12 thoughts on “About

  1. I can remember my Dad eating crackers crunched up in a bowl of milk. I prefer my crackers crunched up in tomato soup. 😃 But then, I am a bit of a cracked egg.

  2. On Christmas : I have been noting places of business that sell or decorate with religious symbols during “Advent.” I have posted these on F.B. Example… Burger King decorated with angels and wings [ not chicken wings ] and a picture saying “Glory to the Newborn King.” I expressed my good feelings to the man behind the counter and he happily acknowledged me. Also Tuesday Morning stores sold Religious Christmas decorations, not a lot but more than any secular store that I saw.I emailed Tuesday Morning to thank them and was readily acknowledged and thanked once again.
    I know that’s only two places. I do think we all need to say something if we see something wonderful like religion in secular stores.Let us speak up. Thank you.

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