A New Chapter Begins

Four years ago I embarked upon this blog writing adventure. I posted fairly regularly for a while, then lost steam and went AWOL for more than a year, then finally got back on track and have been posting reliably ever since…, until just recently. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, I went over the edge, health-wise. After much struggle and suffering, I am finally getting back to a sense of equilibrium, both physically and mentally. I had no desire or creative energy to write (or do much of anything else) during that time. I did a lot of resting, playing solitaire and hidden picture mystery games on my iPad, and soul-searching. It has become painfully obvious to me that I am no longer cut out for the caregiving business. Elderly clients often have dusty homes and musty (even moldy) basements, both of which are a serious health risk for me. I tried to ignore the situation with my latest client, even though the basement was quite leaky and smelly. Then, as usual, I was working way more hours than I had signed up for, to help out the client and their family (which is also a part of the problem, my urge to “save the world,” and push myself beyond my limits, to my own detriment). I ended up paying dearly for it this time around. When the reaction to environmental irritants/toxins begins to affect me, my physical and emotional health go into a steep nosedive. This last episode was the worst I’ve ever suffered through. I have come to the painful realization that I need to do something else to help out with the family finances. What I have decided to do is get to work submitting my writing for paid publication….possibly even write a funny book!

When I first started my blog, I hoped that it would somehow (quite miraculously) become very popular, possibly even leading to some sort of money-making venture. Apparently though, for that to happen, good prose is not enough. One has to be – A) really computer savvy, and B) have a serious social media presence. I do not possess such attributes, and really have no desire to cultivate them. One also has to become highly involved in the blog community to which one is “attached.” I don’t like sitting and reading blogs for hours, liking posts and making comments. There were a few blogs that I really enjoyed reading, but, for the most part, it’s not the kind of stuff that my brain feeds on. I crave classic style literature, unless I’m hankering for some laughs, and then I read vintage comedy – old Erma Bombeck books, or James Thurber, or Peanuts comic strips…that’s my style! Because of these preferences, I like writing that employs proper grammar and stylish vocabulary. I mean, it’s okay to be conversationally casual in your writing, if it’s an appropriate setting, but, let’s face it…most people with blogs don’t write well at all. If I would have made comments on people’s blogs, it would have been to make note of improper grammar or misused words, or lack of proper punctuation, and no one would have appreciated that! I also like works that feed the soul with hope and light and inspiration. You can find a lot of posts with the opposite goals in mind. In my personal opinion, if a person can’t compose a story, essay, or poem without sinking to the depths of depravity, and regularly employing vulgar slang, it bespeaks loads regarding their writing skills, and I am not in the least bit entertained by such sensationalized rubbish. So yeah, with all things considered, it’s time for me to move onward and upward.

I know I have a few faithful followers out there, and to you I dedicate this (possibly final) post. I’ve not really decided for sure what to do in regards to my blog. I have learned a lot during this venture, and have developed a sense of discipline at plying my trade. At any rate, I will always have fond memories of the kind comments made by my “undercover” followers. I would often wonder if I should continue to send out emails with links to my blog. I’d be about ready to cut back, and suddenly I’d run into 4 or 5 people within a week’s time, who would tell me that, even though they never commented or “liked” my blog on WordPress, they very much enjoyed my posts, and were grateful that I shared them. That always brought a smile to my face and restored my confidence. I thank you all for the encouraging remarks, and ask you to keep me in your prayers as I change course and enter into this new phase of my writing “career.” I’m facing a lot of research and a big learning curve in the months to come. May God lead me in the way that I should go.