Rise Above with Humble Love

When I look at what you suffer,

I don’t notice color of skin.

I don’t ask who you voted for,

What church you worship in.


I feel no wary suspicion

For an accent not like mine.

Your clothing might be different.

But I’ll still think it’s fine.


I’ll not be pointing fingers

For suffering you bear,

Or say, “You must deserve it,

The punishment is fair.”



“You have made bad choices,

Your choices were not mine.

So now that you are suffering,

I’ll cleanse your wounds with brine!”


This is what we witness,

Time and time again,

This finger-pointing grousing

Of spoiled and selfish men.



But, this is not my focus

As I look upon your pain.

I simply see a person,

A loved one with a name.


You are someone’s daughter,

You are someone’s son.

You are a child of God,

When all is said and done.


Perhaps you’ve raised a family,

Or fed a hungry soul.

Or maybe you’re still working

Towards a life-long goal.


Your life with hopes and dreams,

Is suddenly laid to waste.

The day that started sweetly

Took on an acrid taste.


Dark tragedy has befallen,

You’ve suddenly lost your way.

I will not turn to hatred,

Or join the vicious fray.


I will rise above the noise.

I will fight against the crowd.

With love and true compassion,

I will call your name out loud.


I’m here for you, dear comrade,

Put all differences aside.

I want to love and help you,

To dry the tears you’ve cried.


I’ll hold your quivering hand,

I’ll stand by you and pray.

Love will be our message.

Peace will be our way.


And when the dust has settled,

And our lives drift apart.

The human touch we shared

Will be ever in our hearts.


For, when you give or take of love,

To chase away fear and hate,

The love will spread to others,

The fear will dissipate.


Now is the time for choosing.

Is love or hate your song?

Join with me on the path of love,

Drown out the angry throng.


With hearts and souls entwined,

Together we’ll rise above.

What we’ve allowed to separate us,

Let’s overcome with LOVE.




4 thoughts on “Rise Above with Humble Love

    • Thank you, Debbie! I had a more light-hearted topic in mind, and then the Las Vegas tragedy came at us out of nowhere, followed by the politicizing and finger-pointing, and my lightheartedness melted into this poem. If only more people came to know Christ, and could shine his light forth for all to see! 🙏🏻

    • Thank you Vivian! I’m probably preaching to the choir with my posts, but if just one heart would turn and move in a better direction, I would be abundantly blessed.

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