Quixotic Adventures

It’s time again for some light-hearted, laughter-inducing entertainment, so find a comfy chair, relax in a hammock (or, even, take a knee…I’m not looking and I don’t care!!). As long as you’re relaxed and ready to be entertained, that’s all that matters to me. Here’s a retelling of our recent trip north to visit with my daughter, s-i-l, and grandchildren, this time in playful rhyme and Quixotic style, with a Canterbury Tales cameo appearance thrown in for fun, and finished off in classic style with a moral. Let me know if I make you smile, even just a little!



The sun had not yet risen,

The countryside still dark.

We loaded up our trusty steed.

The time came to embark.


We planned a lengthy journey,

Into the Northern realm.

My job was navigation,

My dear knight took the helm.


The trail was flanked with danger,

Dark clouds at every turn.

But grandkids were awaiting,

Our visit they did yearn.


The journey started out well,

Darkness hid our trail.

But when the sun had risen,

We lost our inky veil.


In plain view now we traveled,

Exposed to all who prey

On unsuspecting pilgrims

Who might be led astray.


We came upon some others,

A band of weary souls.

All rushing on their own steeds

To separate and varied goals.


Although the crush of traffic

Nearly drove us mad,

The shelter of their company

Was nearly ironclad.


But soon the band of travelers

Began to dissipate.

We found ourselves unguarded

An outlaw’s helpless bait.


And suddenly we saw them,

Some giants in the land.

Just like old Don Quixote,

We were quite under-manned.


We headed for the forest,

To hide among the trees.

My knight had not his jousting lance,

(But did have shaky knees!).


My knight called, “Rocinante!”

(His endearing name for me),

He couldn’t seem to find me

(‘Cause I was up a tree!).


From up there ‘mongst the branches,

I looked with clearer sight.

Our “giants” resembled windmills,

Wind turbines in full flight.


This perplexing revelation

I shared with shivering Knight.

He climbed up on my tree branch

To behold the enlightening sight.


We saw the tall men standing

Feet rooted in the ground.

With arms that flailed round them,

They whispered not a sound.


We watched for quite a long time,

And none of them had moved.

Our theory of no danger,

We concluded had been proved.


We shared a bout of laughter,

And then we journeyed on.

We wanted to reach grandkids

Before the sun had gone,


Our sojourn ended safely,

And this is what we learned:

The veraciousness of “enemies

Must always be discerned.


Fight only for what’s true,

Joust only for what’s right.

Don’t trust all that you hear,

Use sense and informed sight.


Armed with practical judgment,

With prudence as a side,

You will complete your mission.

With strong and steady stride.


With all these traits to call on,

You will surely be alright.

Set out on your adventure,

And don’t forget your Knight!



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